The Hardwood and Laminate Flooring Industry is experiencing tremendous growth, and homeowners are searching desperately for innovative, effective and easy ways to properly maintain these new hi-tech floors. Laminate Flooring, manufactured by well known companies such as Wilsonart, Manington, Armstrong, Pergo, Bruce, Mohawk & Shaw are quickly becoming household names. Technology has led to increasingly complex Hardwood and Laminate Floor Finishes. Most of these finishes can be recoated, to restore that beautiful gloss and luster to your floor. However, many "off the shelf" cleaning products can cloud your floor finish, leave a residue and prevent any possible future re-coating. R&D Technical Solutions Ltd. is the only company specializing in providing innovative, quality solutions for your Hardwood and Laminate Floor Care needs with the following “Marquis” products:

"Woodpecker®" Hardwood & Laminate Floor Care System:
For daily “Streak Fee” cleaning of your Hardwood and Laminate floors.

"Woodpecker®" Smart Shine® Hardwood and Laminate
Floor Recoating System:

Restores the gloss and luster to your old and worn floors.


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